We are the inventor and manufacturer of the innovative and patented polymer fiber filter FIBALON®, suitable for swimming pools and so much more. Who walks with open eyes through the world, will find fascinating solutions for many problems in the nature. These solutions from the nature are the basis of our idea for crystal clear water.

In order to achieve an excellent filtration performance, we focused on the nature. As a paradigm, we found moss, which guarantees with the small and fine structures – the so-called microscopic ramifications – clear water in the forest. In collaboration with the Environmental Institute of Neumarkt /OPf. (Bavaria) and other universities and colleges, we reproduced these fine structures and replicate the enormous filtration capacity of moss.

The FIBALON® polymer fiber filter is synonymous with innovation and progress and was awarded from the UmweltCluster Bayern e.V. as a flagship project in 2015. FIBALON® demonstrates entrepreneurial courage as well as visionary, collaborative thinking. Each of our products stands for innovation, responsibility and vision.

It takes a lot to commit to an idea no one had before an which no one believe at the beginning. To place innovations on the markets, it requires courage, conviction and confidence. Confidence in own skills, the company, the product idea as well as the team.

Without innovations, the future cannot be shaped.