FIBALON® is suitable for the application in pools, whirlpools, swimming – and fish- ponds, etc. as well as replacement for various types of cartridge filters. FIBALON® can be used with all common filter systems.

To filter algae, we recommend the application of FIBALON® plus. FIBALON®plus is a specially developed FIBALON® product to filtrate also microalgae.

FIBALON® pool (blue material) will be e.g. used in pools and Jacuzzi tub areas. In the fiber of FIBALON® pool LINK FIBALON pool GB, gewerblich is Silver integrated to counteract against a biofilm formation on the fiber surface.
FIBALON®plus (green material) is developed for the use in swimming – and fish-pond areas as well as in aquariums. FIBALON®plus is without elementary silver, because the formation of a biofilm in the fish farming is desired. The FIBALON®plus material is denser and firmer of consistency.

Basically, FIBALON® is suitable for filtration of algae. We recommend our specific advanced FIBALON® product version FIBALON®plus.

By using FIBALON®plus, a large part of the occurring algae is filtered out already at the growth stage and so any further accelerated development will be prevented. A requirement for the efficient use is a filter container without impact of UV – light. FIBALON®plus is due to its high selectivity used as a micro-filter and has to be always integrated after a coarse filter.

FIBALON® by the current state is applicable for filtration systems up to 1.500 kg filter sand. This is equivalent to approximately 750 liter filter tank size. An average private pool filter tank needs about 3 bags of FIBALON®pool. To find the optimal FIBALON®pool usage quantity, please use our FIBALON® calculator.

FIBALON®pool can be applied as a full replacement in a cartridge filter systems. FIBALON®pool is also suitable for the use in hot tubs. However, we recommend using FIBALON®compact. FIBALON®compact offers easy handling and already the optimum packet size and shape.


The density of FIBALON® is about 30 kg/m³.

FIBALON® does not float on, because the density of polyester is greater than the density of water. Due to the low back pressure by using FIBALON®, the material will be not compressed. Thus the high absorption capacity of FIBALON® is always maintained.

This danger does not exist with FIBALON® because of the developed dynamic fiber fixation DyFix®. In addition, all pumps have hair sieves, which would absorb the material. However, damage to the equipment is completely ruled out from FIBALON® when used properly.

FIBALON® provides almost pressure less filtration. The dimensional stability of FIBALON® is always given.

A precautionary back-flushing at the end of the season is always advisable, also to clean the filter material by moisture-retaining impurities. FIBALON® absorbs no moisture. Therefore FIBALON® is consequently frost resistant and can winter in the filter tank. But it must be ensured in time, that the container and all sensitive water-carrying parts are drained in order to be frost-proof. Flush the system at the beginning of the season with a common disinfection. A water change to start of the season is always advisable, regardless of the filter material.

FIBALON® is heatable in the filter box up to max. 75°C and thereby germ-free. This applies to germs, which are killed (e.g. Legionella) up to 75 °C. At 60°C the proteins begin to denature. Therefore, many types of bacteria will be already killed at this temperature.

A Germ formation in the filter box and in the water-bearing pipes develops regardless of the filter material and is caused and due to standing water.


The maximum speed of the filters is according to DIN19643 30 m/h. To achieve an optimal result of the filter, the calculated filter speed by using FIBALON® depending on the local conditions should be at a maximum of 30 m/h. The back wash speed should be guided by the filter speed.

Calculating the existing filter speed is usually only an approximate value as the diameter and the length of the piping, as well as combination installations not be taken into account such as for example UV systems. That is, in most cases, even if the calculated filter speed is slightly above the target. Thus, the actual speed of the filter is then again in the target area.

If in an individual case, the filter speed is too high, this may temporarily cause downturns of the pool water. In this case, the filter speed must be reduced. Are various options available for this (e.g. reduction of a ball valve between pump and filters, use of a frequency changer for the pump, using a frequency-controlled or reduced power pump).

As a general rule, you have set the correct speed of the filter in your system if the water is crystal clear and clean.
Reducing the speed of the filter causes energy cost savings, which can be up to 40% depending on the chosen measure (system-dependent).

To calculate the speed of the filter, please click here.

If the required filter speed is correct you could reach a filter effectiveness of 99%.

The selectivity of FIBALON® is approximately 10 µm hence significantly below existing products – without the need for an increased back-washing. On the contrary, on the basis of high dirt retention capacity of FIBALON®, the quantity of back-washing will be reduced.

The pressure drop is approximately 20 mbar during filtration.

FIBALON® is about 80% cleanable by using the back flushing technique. Due to the high absorption of dirt (800g FIBALON® could hold approximately 40 kg filth), it can take a little while to get rid and till the corresponding amounts of dirt appears. By using common disinfection devices the remaining parts in the filter material are essentially harmless.

If the back flushing holes according to the construction are too large, we recommend the fitting of our backwashgrid.
For water care, e.g. Disinfection by using chlorine or water exchange and backwashing, please refer to the relevant specifications and standards.

Because of the minimal rise in pressure through the use of FIBALON® of only 20 mbar, the pressure-dependent function will not start. So please pay attention to a manual (timed) backwash.


1 kg FIBALON® (= 3 bags) are equal to 75 kg filter sand. To find out the ideal amount of FIBALON®pool, please use the FIBALON® calculator.
The light weight of FIBALON® not only saves shipping costs, it simplifies and reduces the amount of filter changes.

The filling level depends on the required amount of FIBALON®pool and is achieved automatically, if the right amount of FIBALON®pool was purchased.

This is not necessary. The excellent filter properties of FIBALON®pool make it possible that even the remnants of the sand are filtered out. However, the seals should be checked and cleaned.

In existing installations, it can happen – especially after the filter chamber – that repeatedly loosely impurities in the system are washed into the basin (e.g., deposits or even fine sand residue in the piping).

It is therefore advisable for your installations before filling in the FIBALON®pool, to set the complete system for about 2 to 3 hours without filter material under full power. As a result, the system is cleaned of solvable impurities. The non-solvable dirt gets washed out and settles on the pool floor. That could be cleaned off with the floor cleaner directly into the sewer system. Then fill in our FIBALON® pool filter material as calculated and described. If contaminants observed after the input of FIBALON®pool, take the FIBALON®pool filter material out and proceed as described above.

The charcoal remains in effect, but mixes with FIBALON®pool. When replacing the activated carbon, FIBALON®pool must also be replaced or mechanically cleaned.
It is highly recommended to use FIBALON®pool and charcoal separately.

FIBALON® pool is resistant to all conventional swimming pool chemicals and compatible with UV-light or salt water supported disinfection.
For water care, e.g. Disinfection by using chlorine or water exchange and backwashing, please refer to the relevant specifications and standards.

FIBALON®pool has to be filled loosely in the case. If the filter balls are tightly pressed or compacted, the depth-filter-effect no longer works. The filter material degenerate to a surface filter and will be clogged in a short period of time. Please pay attention to a loosely distribution of FIBALON®pool and on the given filter speed by up to 30 m/h.

FIBALON®pool is used without liquid flocculants. The use of flocking agents is also not mandatory at a selectivity of 10 µm. The use of flocking agents in Combi-Tabs has to be check with the dealer.

If FIBALON® is treated similar to filter sand, the lifetime of FIBALON® is corresponding to the lifetime of filter sand. This is normally 3-5 years. Although through different usage habits, no general statement can be made.

The disposal of FIBALON® can easily and quickly done via your household waste.

FIBALON® pays for itself mainly by its economic feasibility. You will get a pay-back within a season ( i.e. less pump power, fewer back-rinsing intervals, reduced heating of the water, no wearout on filter components through the filter material used, etc.).

The use of FIBALON® offers the possibility to reduce the backwash frequency. A considerable saving of valuable drinking water results also. FIBALON® GmbH is a member of the UmweltCluster of Bavaria and was awarded as the winner of the LIGHTHOUSE project by 2015.

Currently, FIBALON® can be purchased through the retail or wholesale. We will help you to find a contact address.

If you have more questions, please contact us.