Successful certification by the Hungarian Health Department

FIBALON® products are „Made in Germany“. This already guarantees the highest quality and places the highest demands on raw materials, production, quality management, etc. The fact, that FIBALON® is able to meet these self-imposed high-quality standards at any time, was already proven in 2017 as the FIBALON®-products successfully meets the DIN EN 16713 -1 criteria. Previously, the State Public Health Service of Hungary (see certificate KEF-14592-2 / 2015) had already approved the use of FIBALON® filter materials in pools and spas in the public- and private-sector. In its audit, the Hungarian office sets the strictest criteria and biggest hurdles. The new audit has shown, that the FIBALON®3D filter materials reaches this criteria’s in October 2018 again. The Hungarian Public Health Service has once again certified FIBALON® filter materials for the use in whirlpools, indoor- and outdoor-pools, etc. due to its high selectivity of 8 microns and its application up to 70°C water temperature. Another milestone in the successful history of FIBALON®, which confirms the uniqueness and high product quality of FIBALON®.